Friday, May 05, 2006

I am jealous of my twin sisters blog

Something terrible has happened over the last few days.

My twin sister Emma has stared blogging, and is putting me to SHAME with hilarious posts that have at times left me gasping for breath and clutching my chest (with a little bit of wee in my pants). And as the superior one in this relationship, and frankly the more attractive one too, mark my words, I will not be shown up. Not that I would call hers a true wit per say, it's more
her ability to perceive and express in an ingeniously humorous manner the relationship between seemingly incongruous or disparate things that gets me every time. You guys know what I mean.

So it's Friday night, and I'm about to head out to see my travel agent and a comedy show, simultaneously. "How can this be?" I hear you think. Well, you see, they are indeed the same thing. Long story, but a group of us ended up buying twelve thousand dollars worth of airline tickets from a man who works as a travel agent by day, arse raping foolhearty types such as ourselves out of our life savings for 'budget' flights to Europe, and does stand up comedy loosely based on his resemblance to Harry Potter by night. Seeing we dropped twelve G-bangers in his office, I figure the least we can do is pay to see his stand up show.

Hang on, that's a fucking terrible deal. Where's my gun?